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A Child Safety and Defensive Tactics Program Developed by the Fighting Back Institute
Kid-Safe Programs:
Educational Workshops

We speak to civic, church, school, and community groups on a variety of topics, including:

•  Auto Awareness

•  Education

•  Predator Lures

•  Communication Techniques

•  Fire Safety

•  Predator Profiles

•  Danger Awareness

•  Home Safety

•  Street Safety

•  Defensive Countermeasures

•  Internet Safety

•  Telephone Safety

There is no charge for us to speak to your group.  Donations are welcomed to defray travel expenses and to help us continue to fund our ongoing educational and training efforts, but there is no set fee for us to speak to your group.
Self-Defense Workshops

Learning how to deal with predators and bullies can boost a child’s confidence, and potentially save a child’s life.  We provide danger-awareness skills training to teach children to be alert to potential threats and take pro-active steps to avoid or minimize these threats.  We also teach practical self-defense techniques that a child can use to fight back in the event escape is not an option.

These workshops treat a serious subject in a fun, entertaining way.  The training is interactive, and structured to address both how to deal with threats from bullies as well as attacks from sexual predators.  We don’t want to instill fear into a child, but rather empower them to respond to a potential threat in a positive, pro-active way.
Identification & Safety Tools

Each year, nearly 800,000 children are reported missing. We all pray it never happens to our children, but if it does, the Child Profile ID kit gives investigators the necessary information to hit the ground running.
Our Child ID enrollment program is a partnership approach with law enforcement and the local community to help expedite the release of needed information to mount a search for a missing child.  Minutes count when a child is missing, and our Child ID kit can help mobilize both public and private resources quicker in hopes of bringing a positive outcome.
Enrollment is our Child ID Program is free, and is underwritten by the ongoing financial support of individuals, businesses and corporate sponsors.  Enrollment events can be scheduled at any civic, church, or community event, or individual enrollments can be completed at any authorized Kid-Safe Communities Child ID Center.  Optional Portable Flash Drive Unites (available for a nominal fee) can further enhance the use of our Child ID program, especially when traveling.
Search for Predators in Your Community

Help us Fund Our Ongoing Kid-Safe Efforts!


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