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A Child Safety and Defensive Tactics Program Developed by the Fighting Back Institute

Street Safety

Children who are not prepared to handle dangerous situations become vulnerable targets for child molesters and other criminal predators. Parents must work with their children to explain some of the potential danger that exists in everyday life. Children must be taught to become more aware of their surroundings and what could possibly go wrong so that they do not become an unsuspecting victim. There are several safety issues that we must take the time to educate our children about such as "street safety", "home safety", " auto safety" and "fire safety".

Street Safety

Many youngsters are attacked, assaulted or abducted while walking in the street going to or returning from a place that they are very familiar with. Such places as going to a friends house, going to the ball park to play with their friends or simply going to the store. Many children are unaware of their surroundings and do not look out for dangerous situations. Children who lack self-confidence or self-esteem usually walk with their heads down and pay little attention to people or objects around them. This is the type of child that predators are looking for. If the child walks with his/her head up, looking confident and looking around then the predator usually will not select this type of child as a target.

There are several things that children must do when walking alone:

-Look confidant and hold your head up high and look around.

-Don't walk near alleys or the ends of buildings without checking them out. Cross the street if possible to avoid them.

-Avoid vans or delivery trucks where someone could be hiding to reach out and grab the child.

-Children should never walk through parking lots by themselves.

-Always walk with a friend or someone you know.

-Never walk alone after dark.