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A Child Safety and Defensive Tactics Program Developed by the Fighting Back Institute
Help Us:
Schedule An Educational Event

Schedule a “Kid-Safe” event for your civic, community, school, club, or church group.  We can speak to your group on many of our educational topics and/or provide a self-defense workshop for those in attendance.  A great way to bring families out to your event, and  give something of substance back to the community at large.
Host a Child ID Enrollment

We can come to your event and offer free enrollment in our Child ID program to the families in attendance, or we can provide the resources for you to conduct your own Child ID events.  At these venues, children are fingerprinted and important safety information is provided to parents to educate them, so they in turn can better train their children to be “danger aware”.   

Contact our office for details and requirements to become a KSC Child ID coordinator in your community.
Become a Volunteer

If you are interested in helping us in our mission to protect and are willing to undergo an extensive background check,  you can become a volunteer member of our team.   In each community we need men and women who will serve as Community Liaisons and Certified Field Agents to help coordinate our outreach activities and expand the scope of our services.  We also need volunteers who are willing to help search (at the request of law enforcement) should a child go missing in each community.
Make a Financial Contribution

Our goal is to provide our educational and Child ID enrollments free to the public.  However, there is a cost to providing fingerprint kits, DNA swabs, ID cards, and equipment.  Flyers, posters, handouts, and educational materials to go into area schools (and the community at large) also cost money.  Your tax deductible gift (either one-time or as a monthly contributor) helps us defray these costs.
Search for Predators in Your Community

Why YOU Should Become a Kid-Safe Sponsor

Help us Fund Our Ongoing Kid-Safe Efforts!


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