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A Child Safety and Defensive Tactics Program Developed by the Fighting Back Institute

Countermeasures for Pedophile "Lures"

Parents must teach their children to be wary of anyone who offers them something for free or asks for their help in doing something. Predators can be strangers who the child doesn't know or predators can be someone the child knows or a person that the child feels he/she can trust.

Some of the most common lures (such as the predator asking for help to find a lost pet, offering candy or wanting the child to play with a special toy) are all aimed at lowering the child's already low level of danger awareness. The molester or predator plays on the child's curiosity.

Children should be made aware of these "Lures" or "tricks" used by predators and react in the following manner:

1. Run away from the person offering the "lure" immediately.

2. Call for help to get the attention of any nearby adults.

3. Tell your parents right away or tell someone you trust like a teacher or policeman.

4. Try to remember what the person looks like so you can give his description to the police.

5. If the person is driving a car or truck, try to remember the color, the kind and the license plate.

6. Always tell your parents about anything or anyone suspicious you encounter.