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A Child Safety and Defensive Tactics Program Developed by the Fighting Back Institute

Automobile Safety

Children who are not prepared to handle dangerous situations become vulnerable targets for child molesters and other criminal predators. Parents must work with their children to explain some of the potential danger that exists in everyday life. Children must be taught to become more aware of their surroundings and what could possibly go wrong so that they do not become an unsuspecting victim. There are several safety issues that we must take the time to educate our children about such as "street safety", "home safety", " auto safety" and "fire safety".

Automobile Safety:

Each year thousands of children are killed or seriously injured in automobile accidents. Many could be saved by practicing simple safety precautions such as using a seatbelt. New, young drivers cause a great many of these kinds of accidents because they have not yet learned to properly handle a motor vehicle and they drive at speeds too fast for the conditions around them. Here are some of the simple safety precautions that children should be aware of:

-Always put on the seat belt when in a motor vehicle whether the driver or another passenger does not.

-Insist that everyone else "buckle up".

-Be a "back-seat driver" if necessary to tell the driver to slow down or to be more careful.

-Never stick your head or arms or legs out of the window of a moving car. They could be injured by another vehicle passing too close.

-When playing in your neighborhood, Never chase a ball or other object out into the street without first stopping and looking for traffic.

-Never run between parked cars out into the street. Other drivers will not be able to see you.

-Don't ride with anyone who has been drinking.

-Don't drive after you have been drinking, if old enough to drive a car.